The tiger is a consistent creature, yet full of contradictions.

The tiger is absolutely confident. Nothing preys upon it. It is fierce, yet soft, warm, and playful.  Absolutely magnificent to behold, yet its presence can be terrifying. It is stealthy when stalking prey, yet has a roar that can be heard for miles.  It is a solitary, yet social animal. The tiger is bold in color and pattern, yet can disappear into the landscape. The tiger is complex. The tiger is balanced. Wouldn't it be nice if we were like the tiger?

Skane Design looks to the tiger for inspiration for the above reasons because we believe that there is a larger underlying connection to us in the characteristics that tigers possess. We believe a balance in work and in life is key. 

There are times to go it alone with a solo project, and there are times to collaborate.

There are moments when it is necessary to show your teeth, to roar, to stand up and fight for what you believe in. But there are times when a gentle voice, a playful spirit, and a loving soul gets the job done.

There are times to be the center of attention, to stand out and be bold, loud, and flamboyant. Be the life of the party, the one no one can forget. There are times to temper this, to keep your head down to work hard, or sometimes out of safety.

No matter what, confidence is key. It would be wonderful to be at the top and sometimes it's necessary to be, at least in terms of having confidence in ourselves and in our work. We must keep in mind that although the tiger is at the top of the food chain, it is not necessarily carefree. Even the most well-prepared are vulnerable to changes in the environment, or the marketplace. Complacency can kill even the most ferocious beasts.

Let's work become more like the tiger.