Custom Machete


Custom Machete

from 45.00

Bushwhacking tool or an overkill letter opener? Why not both? Get your hands on a hand painted machete emblazoned with a word or phrase.

Currently available words/phrases:

  • “Flourish” (pictured on a 12” serrated blade)

  • “Stay Sharp” (pictured on an 18” blade)

Custom words and colors are available. Please email with inquiries.

NOTE: Purchasing a customized machete here does not complete your order. You will be directed to a payment link once the commission is placed.

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This machete is a tool that can be used for cutting and maintaining trails, clearing brush, chopping compost, harvesting agricultural products, splitting and cutting fruit, carving wood, foraging, and more… but this is being sold more as an art object. The hand lettering on the blade is custom painted, with One Shot enamel paint, and although it is durable, it isn’t guaranteed to necessarily handle whatever you throw at it.

This is a real machete, with a real sharp blade, a real cut hazard. Please handle with care, keep out of reach of children, and use responsibly.