Straight Flo

Objective: Develop a brand identity for the smoker, StraightFlo Thompson, and some printed apparel to go along with her.
Year: 2017
Project Type: Brand development, graphic design
Scope: graphic design, brand identity/words, screen printed apparel
Status: concept / in progress / completed 


See what Flo is up to here.

From the owners, on Flo:

Flo is a straight flo smoker with an offset firebox and a rib box custom built for us near Pinehurst, NC. It has capacity for something like 70 pork butts. It is a 300 gallon propane tank turned on its side and welded to a one-axle trailer. 

The thing about Flo is that she is an evangelist. And evangelist for barbeque. The night that James and I drove down to pick her up, we left around 7 PM and were driving back late at night. We stopped to get gas and at the gas station people kept coming up to us, mouths agape, asking questions about her. We’ve found that to be true. Wherever we park her—outside the church, on a street in the Fan, at Fox Elementary—without fail we get people who want to come and take a look. Se brings people together.

The other thing about Flo (and smoking meat in general) is that there are always opinions about how to do things right, what changes to make for next time, etc., etc. She invites that human conversation of how to make something better.


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